8K Mirror Polishing Machine

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  1. Mirror (8K) Polishing/Grinding Machine

    1. It applies to grinding the surface of 0.4mm-3.0mm 2B. BA stainless steel sheet, making the sheet have 8K mirror effect.2. Delivery with rolling wheel, motor variable frequency adjusting the speed, roll synchrodrive Via the worm reduction box, deliver smoothly, preventing the sheet slip during the processing.3. The floor of the platform is made up of organic toughened glass, increasing its working life.4. Reasonable design to the point control part, it is more reliable and safer.5. The material for swing parts is specially treated, having excellent wear-resistant 6. Refining grinder is made of A-alloy, so as to achieve the effect of corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant, wear-resistant.
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